So Dedicated to the No Salt Cause...
As If We Owned It
Sans Sels: Salt-Free in French
The Salt-Free Experience for Discerning Chefs

With over 30 years of experience sourcing the best organic ingredients for retail and food service customers, our parent company, High Quality Organics, understands what the market is wanting. As demand grew the company decided to create an organic food products retail division.

Aromatica Organics is creating a series of much-healthier options for its retail customers and its core base of consumer buyers.

With offices in Reno, Nevada; Burlington, North Carolina and in the Netherlands, Aromatica Organics (High Quality Organics) will continue to develop new healthier options for its customer base. Also through it partners (ex there will be menu programs created for a series of food service customers.

Sans Sel’s No Salt Seasonings are ideal for the family meal, family barbeque, movie night, morning breakfast, at work, at school, at the restaurant and anywhere else salt is on the table.

The Aromatica Organics Team is creating Sans Sel’s versions for both retail stores (natural, grocery, mass, club, drug, specialty) and food service locations (restaurants, universities, QSR’s, hospitals, active aging homes and more).

Sans Sel’s No Salt Seasonings are organic and are ideal complements to healthy dishes especially with all types of fruits and vegetables.

  • * Potatoes
  • * Celery
  • * Kiwis
  • * Tomatoes
  • * Cucumbers
  • * Broccoli
  • * Spinach
  • * Corn
and much, much more…

As a compliment to a healthy meal experience (with Sans Sel’s No Salt Seasonings) ideally with your prepared meals be sure to serve fresh salads at your event or family meal – these are packed full of healthy nutrients.

Our Sans Sel’s No Salt Seasonings are also ideal as you make your own salad dressing with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, black pepper and fresh herbs, rather than using the store-bought options.

The Aromatica Organics family of retail products is quite extensive
including our Skillet or Grill It family.